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About Us

Florence Care Home has been serving elderly residents for twenty-two years. Jane Chess, the owner, bought a small house on a big lot and added seven bedrooms, a dining room and four bathrooms. Eight years later she added two more bedrooms and three more bathrooms, one with a whirlpool walk-in tub.

Jane is a Registered Dietitian and worked for many years in nursing homes. A Social Worker at one of the nursing homes had a neighbor who owned a small assisted living residence. The Dietitian and the Social Worker would sit at coffee breaks and talk about how much better care they could take of these residents! Eventually, after a Master’s degree and several moves around the country the opportunity came up and Jane began the Care Home.

Florence Care Home serves elderly, blind and disabled persons. We have women most of the time, sometimes men. We do not take people at risk for wandering outside or in other people’s rooms or people who have to be lifted. Our expertise is making people feel comfortable and safe.

We do any kind of physical care needed and try to fulfill all food and care requests during the day. The residents have a bell to push if they need help at night in an emergency, but staff is not awake at night.

We have full time staff 24 hours/day.

We try to assure each resident maintains as much independence as they can with required assistance close by at all times.